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*to qualify for this membership you must be receiving coaching from Evolve Tennis or competing in one of our competitions 

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*to qualify for this membership you must be receiving coaching from Evolve Tennis or competing in one of our competitions 

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About the Program

Smaller court, racquets & balls that bounce lower… making Hot Shots Tennis just right for kids. The program is fun, safe and it keeps kids moving.
Not only that it teaches kids basic skills that they will use every day and is a PROGRESSIVE learning program that allows children to develop and grow their tennis skills at their own pace.  Hot Shots Tennis isn’t just about learning how to hit a ball, kids are also taught about balance, coordination, teamwork and tactics.
Hot Shots Tennis is great value – sessions are run by qualified Tennis Coaches in small groups and it introduces kids to a sport that they can play for life.
It is the ONLY Nationally Recognised Tennis Grassroots participation program that is endorsed by Tennis Australia and targets 5 – 12 year olds.  It is also designed to co-exist with other skill development programs – such as the Wilson Pee Wee Program which targets pre-school children, 2 – 5 years of age.

Session Information

Class durations range from 45mins to 90mins and are dependant on location, age and colour of ball.

We have sessions available Monday to Friday, & Saturday mornings. All classes can be booked online at the above links, alternatively contact Head Office (02)9971-0644 or Coaching Director Scott Fletcher 02 9971 0644 and we’ll organise all the details.

The Coaches

Our team of Hotshot Coaches are lead by Evolve Tennis Director of Coaching Scott Fletcher. 


Formerly a Tennis Australia Hotshots Ambassador & founding member of the Junior Hotshots Grandslam series, Scotts expertise & passion help guide all of our Hotshot coaches – ensuring each junior is progressing through all stages of the Hotshot Program.


All of our Hotshot Coaches have extensive playing backgrounds, and are either Tennis Australia or ATPCA qualifed. 

Fast Tracking Your Childs Progress

We currently run one of the largest Hotshot programs in Sydney, and fast tracking your childs development is a major goal for the Evolve Team. Many of our Hotshot players leave the program technically & tactically sound and go on to hold very high State & National Rankings. 

Taking a more serious & dedicated approach as a parent & player will help fast track this process. Extra options available as an aspiring Hotshot player are


  • TAP – our Talented Athlete Program which is our more advanced Hotshot Program. This will differ from a weekly group lesson in a few areas. Most importantly you will be hitting the courts 3 times per week – 1 Group lesson, 1 Footwork Session & Competition.
  • Play More – whether this includes booking a court with your family & friends, booking an extra weekly group lesson, or attending holiday camps. Simply getting on court more often will help improve your game.
  • Tournaments – There are numerous options available across the metropolitian area. We highly recommend all our Hotshot players entering our Super 4s Tournament aswell as the Tennis Northern Beaches Grand-Slam series. Both of these series run on a quarterly basis and provide valuable match play in a round robin format.  
  • Competition – here at Evolve Tennis Academy we offer weekly competitions for Red, Orange & Green Ball players. All competitions run on a term basis in a team format. Learning the basic rules of match play in a weekly environment at convenient Northern Beaches locations add greatly to the fast tracking of a players development.
  • Private lessons are a very popular choice at Evolve Tennis Academy. Due to our Coaches high qualifications many of our parents embrace private lessons for their children, knowing that one on one tution is the best opportunity to improve their game from a technical perspective.