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Anzac Avenue, Griffith Park – Collaroy NSW, 2097

Cnr Wyatt Ave & Cotentin Rd – Belrose NSW, 2085

Hitchcock Park, Barrenjoey Rd – Avalon Beach NSW, 2107

Roseville Park, 60B Clanville Rd, Roseville NSW, 2069

5A William Street Roseville NSW 2069

About the Program

We have a large diverse range of Adult Programs on offer at Evolve Tennis Academy, something to suit all standards of play.

Whether you’re looking for a weekly social group, or a Cardio Tennis Class designed to get your heart rate up, we have you covered. For more information regarding our Adult Programs, simply scroll down below.


All classes and locations can booked online below, alternatively for more information contact our Head Office on (02)9971-0644, Coaching Director Scott Fletcher on 02 9971 0644 or email evolvetennis@evolvetennisacademy.com




Intense Sessions of Drills, Game-based Drills, and Technique 


Singular or mutliple day bookings available


Aimed at Beginner to Advanced Adults who miss their weekly routine during School Holidays… max 4 people per court


(Note: Rising Sun Sessions are only available by booking online via links below)

Adult Coaching Clinics

  • Ladies Pro-Am 
    50/50 mixture of technical coaching & match play with a Coach.
    Great for first time & intermediate players.
  • Ladies Coach & Play 
    50/50 mixture of technical coaching & match play (singles & doubles). Great for first time & intermediate players.
  • Adult Squads
    90mins of Drills, Game-based Drills, and Technique. 
  • Adult Coaching Clinics 
    full session focused on Technique & Gameplay. Great for the beginner / interermediate players wanting to improve their game.


For all prices and duration of clases, please click your nearest venue below. More information – contact our Head Office (02)9971-0644 or Coaching Director Scott Fletcher on 02 9971 0644

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a tennis workout program catering to all fitness levels. Bringing together a variety of cardio workouts, a range of fun tennis drills, all to a high-energy soundtrack. The program is focused on leading a healthy, fun and Cardio lifestyle.

Everybody! Every Cardio Tennis session is open to players of all ages and abilities.

Each session is 60 minutes in duration @ Evolve Tennis Academy

No. The best thing about Cardio Tennis is that you do not have to be good at tennis to get involved. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before.


Your coach is trained to mix up the activities to cater for all skill and fitness levels, so while it’s a great for beginners, more experienced tennis players will also have a great time. Plus, due to Evolve Tennis Academy being so popular – we have plenty of classes ranging from beginner to advanced 

Click your closest venue to find out

  • A tennis racquet (although we have plenty at the pro-shop free of charge)
  • Your favourite workout gear
  • Trainers (or acceptable footwear). Call ahead if you are not sure.
  • Water bottle or sports drink

Simply book in online below or for further information contact our Head Office (02)9971-0644 or Coaching Director Scott Fletcher on 02 9971 0644


  • Thursday Social Tennis 
    Social tennis with varying standards
    Price: $15.00 per session
    Location: Careel Bay Tennis Club
    Time: 9am to 11.30am Every Thursday 

    There is a large range of Competitions available across our sites that run via the Associations. To enter simply click the ‘Book Now’ button above

Further Information

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Adult Tennis Lessons Sydney

One of the few tennis facilities in the world, Evolve Tennis offers you the same level of tennis instruction and professional coaching that professional players receive.


What started out as a straightforward tennis academy has evolved into a location renowned all over the world for tennis instruction and development.


Your free time won’t just be a few peaceful hours of tennis practice or an occasional private session. You can improve your game at Evolve Tennis, prepare for the forthcoming tennis league season, and strive to be at the top of your lineup.


At Evolve Tennis Academy, we offer a wide variety of Adult Programs that can accommodate players of all skill levels. We have everything you’re searching for, whether it’s a weekly social group or a Cardio Tennis Class that raises your heart rate.


Whether you are a beginner or someone who has tennis training before, Evolve Tennis is a good place to start learning more about the sport again.


Beginner Tennis Lessons for Adults

Tennis beginners will learn how to grip the racquet correctly, will be taught the fundamental technical checkpoints for each major shot, and will concentrate on developing the abilities to construct a gentle rally with their coach from a close distance.


The principles of the game are taught to players, along with how to execute forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves with good technique. We assist players in putting the ball into play and learning the fundamentals of the game. Tennis is a great way to make new friends, pick up new abilities, and have fun.


Evolve Tennis also offers intermediate lessons for young teens and adults. This session develops the game’s fundamentals for players who are new to the game or have progressed from the novice level. This complements our clinics and seminars perfectly because it emphasizes the growth of stroke and point play.


Meanwhile, our advanced lessons focus on the development of complete tournament players focusing on high-level point play coaching and play patterns. Specific aspects for doubles, footwork, conditioning, strategy and match-like scenarios are all included in the fast-paced workouts.


Adult Tennis Camps

Tennis camps for adults can help you improve your game while having a fantastic tennis vacation. We provide a list of the top tennis camps at Evolve Tennis to accommodate all vacation schedules and ability levels. They are made to help you improve your technique, play better, stay active, meet new people, or have a wonderful time with the group you’re traveling with.


You should first be aware that tennis camps are created with your needs in mind. You need to know how long your vacation will last, how many hours you want to play every day, what lodging you prefer, and which region you would like to visit. Armed with this knowledge, you can select from a wide range of tennis packages offered in various options and schedules perfect for your needs.


Adult tennis camps are made to accommodate holidays of any duration, from long weekends to the full summer. The most popular tennis camp formats last two weeks and last two days.


Tennis Coaching For Adults

Adult tennis programs are offered by Evolve Tennis and are of the highest caliber. Adults at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels can take tennis lessons from us.

Classes can be scheduled throughout the day, evening, or on the weekends with a minimum of four and a maximum of eight participants. Adults who have attended prior classes are given preference.


While developing the sport of tennis, we aim to offer adults a method of enjoyable physical activity. We foster a lively, entertaining environment where adults can socialize and become active.


Innovative lesson ideas that empower students to succeed at their own speed help to accomplish these goals. Your success depends on using clear and engaging instructional strategies. From the very first game in Evolve Tennis, you’ll be rallying in no time.


Contact us today to book a coaching lesson or to check out schedules for your adult training camps.

Scott Fletcher Evolve Tennis Bio Image

Scott Fletcher

Director of Evolve Tennis Academy

Scott Fletcher comes as one of the most highly qualified Tennis Coaches in Australia. Predominantly working with hotshot players aged 8-12yrs old, Scott is one of very few coaches to hold a Master Professional Certification with ATPCA as well as Master Club Professional Certification with Tennis Australia.