At Evolve Tennis Academy, our sponsors enjoy extensive exposure to our tennis members, the local community, and visitors. We have built strong partnerships with various businesses that contribute to our mission of offering exceptional tennis facilities and activities for the entire community.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor at Evolve Tennis Academy please email evolvetennis@evolvetennisacademy.com to get in touch with our team



Belle Property Dee Why, led by Principal Brendan Pomponio, is Evolve Tennis Academy’s Official Partner from 2021 onwards. The team at Belle Property Dee Why offers a full suite of real estate services, including property management and marketing. Known for their dynamic and highly motivated approach, they pride themselves on being market leaders in Northern Sydney. Partnering with Evolve Tennis Academy highlights their commitment to excellence and community involvement.


Tennis Only stands as Australia’s premier online tennis retailer, providing an extensive range of tennis equipment and apparel. As a key partner of Evolve Tennis Academy, they offer players everything needed to enhance their game. Their diverse product selection and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a one-stop shop for all tennis enthusiasts. This partnership underscores their role in supporting and advancing tennis at all levels.

HEAD has been a trailblazer in the tennis world since 1968, revolutionising the sport with innovations like the first metal tennis racket. Their legacy of excellence continues with cutting-edge products designed to improve player performance. As a trusted partner of Evolve Tennis Academy, HEAD’s advanced equipment is integral to the training and success of players. This collaboration emphasises their shared commitment to advancing the sport of tennis.


Narrabeen Sports High, a comprehensive co-educational high school on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, offers a selective sports program known as ‘The Academy’. Partnering with Evolve Tennis Academy, the school integrates top-tier tennis coaching into its curriculum. This collaboration provides student-athletes with approximately 10 hours of valuable court time weekly, balancing academic success with athletic development. The partnership exemplifies a supportive environment for young tennis players to thrive.


Condor Performance is an elite team of International Sports Psychologists specialising in Mental Toughness Training and Sports Psychology Services. Many Evolve Tennis Academy players benefit from their expertise, gaining a competitive edge through tailored mental conditioning. This partnership highlights the importance of psychological resilience in sports performance. Condor Performance’s collaboration with Evolve Tennis Academy ensures players are mentally prepared for the demands of competition.


St. Luke’s Grammar School, an independent Anglican co-educational institution, supports Evolve Tennis Academy as a main sponsor and dedicated Hotshot site. The school offers a leading-edge educational experience from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. This partnership enhances the development of young tennis talents by integrating quality coaching within the school environment. St. Luke’s commitment to holistic education aligns perfectly with Evolve’s mission to foster both academic and athletic excellence.


John Colet School, a multi-faith co-educational primary institution, collaborates with Evolve Tennis Academy to offer a comprehensive Before School Care Program. This program includes qualified tennis coaching, a healthy breakfast, and student transportation to school. Established in 1985, John Colet School emphasises philosophical and practical learning, making this partnership a natural extension of their educational philosophy. The program ensures students start their day with physical activity and nutrition, promoting overall well-being.


Aussie Athletes Agency (AAA) partners with Evolve Tennis Academy to provide essential U.S. College information and education. Dedicated to creating life opportunities through tennis, AAA aligns with Evolve’s vision of empowering individual growth. This partnership offers players guidance on pursuing college tennis careers in the U.S., enhancing their educational and athletic prospects. AAA’s expertise is invaluable for players aiming to transition to collegiate-level competition.


Babolat, renowned for its high-quality strings and innovative rackets, has been a long-standing partner of Evolve Tennis Academy. Their products, known for ease of use, are trusted by all Evolve coaches and players. Babolat’s commitment to quality and performance makes it a preferred choice for both social and competitive tennis players. This partnership ensures that Evolve players have access to the best equipment, supporting their journey to excellence in tennis.